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3 Credit Dispute Tactics / 3 Credit Dispute Tactics

3 Credit Dispute Tactics

When you are trying to prove that something on your credit report is inaccurate, there are a number of different tactics you can use.

The first step is to determine the party you want to contact. There are credit bureaus, creditors, or bill collectors. In some cases, the same tactic can be used for all three. In other situations, there is a more specific process that should be used.

Learn more about which methods work for each circumstance.

Credit Bureaus
When getting in touch with any, or all, of the three credit bureaus, it is important to have their proper addresses. This information can be found online, or a professional credit repair company will know where to send the disputes. When sending in an argument, it is essential that the following criteria be met:

  •         Provide sufficient evidence for the dispute so that it is not deemed frivolous
  •         Always include what is being disputed, why, what action is requested, plenty of documentation to support the argument, and only facts
  •         Include enough detail to have the dispute considered, but not too much so that you are doing the job for the bureau
  •         Provide a copy of proof of identification: driver’s license or state ID
  •         Handwrite or use a font that will require a human eye to read it rather than a computer program


If you follow these steps and the bureau says the account has been verified, there are protections under the law that allow you to go further. Ask the bureau how they verified the account and request documentation. If they do not respond in a satisfactory way, secondary tactics such as staying persistent or having a third-party contact them will sometimes do the trick.

Contacting creditors for the purpose of dispute is very similar. However, you can also make fact-finding phone calls to the company directly, which can help in the process. Gather details such as what proof they have that the account is yours or if it is even verifiable. After this has been done, the traditional letter that gets sent to the bureaus is going to be the first course of action, followed by secondary tactics if it doesn’t work.

Bill Collectors
Bill collectors are notorious for breaking the law when it comes to both reporting and collecting debts. After a little digging, it is very possible that you will discover they are in violation. If there is a large debt, it is recommended that you have an expert credit specialist or attorney do the legwork with these agencies so that you don’t get sued.

Disputing a credit issue on a report can be very confusing and overwhelming. The keys to getting the problem removed are staying persistent, thorough, and organized throughout the entire process. There are credit repair specialists who can assist with this procedure to ensure the outcome is a favorable one. They can help you get the negative item removed as well as assist in various other areas related to improving your credit score.


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