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How-to Make Sure Your Credit Dispute Gets Read / How-to Make Sure Your Credit Dispute Gets Read

How-to Make Sure Your Credit Dispute Gets Read

Now that you have discovered an error on your credit report, the process for disputing it begins. You must write a letter to the three credit bureaus (if the error is on the reports from all three bureaus), and inform them of the problem, with facts and details to back up your claim. After you write the letter, the next step is to make sure it gets read. This is how to be positive that happens.

Make Sure Your Letter Gets Read
The major problem with sending in a letter of dispute today is that it is probably never going to be read. The credit bureaus that receive these letters actually put them through an automatic computer program that reads and evaluates them. With this process, the chances of anything being caught that would result in a favorable outcome (the error being removed) is not likely.

What You Can Do
It is imperative that a dispute be read by a human if there is going to be any sort of action. Follow these guidelines when putting together a letter of dispute:

  •         Use the old-fashioned method of pen and paper, and handwrite the letter.
  •         If typing, use a font that is unusual in either style or color; turn on the italics.
  •         Print or write on stationery that stands out; if you have something with a background image, use that.
  •         Attach as much supporting information as possible in the form of additional sheets of paper. Use a lot of staples, and maybe even staple the attachments in places that are not traditional.
  •         Pick an envelope that is a different color. Use one that is a different size and shape than a standard business envelope.
  •         Ensure that the letter can still be read by a human. Even though the goal is to make it difficult for a computer to comprehend, you want to be sure that the person who gets it can understand it and find all the necessary information that should be included.


When Not to Use These Methods
These are pretty extreme methods when compared to writing a business letter for any other purpose. Knowing that, it is not necessary to do this if the dispute letter is being sent to a creditor (lender) or bill collector. There is a good chance that there is a human on the other end at these businesses who is assigned to read the disputes that come in. You can be more confident that the letter will reach the hands and eyes of a real person.

Composing a successful letter of dispute may be a little bit too difficult for some people. That is why there are credit repair specialists who are experts in writing a proper letter. In the event you find it too troublesome to get a letter on paper that is likely to be read by the right people, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a professional. They can help you with every step to be sure the error on your credit report is removed.

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