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GATT Enterprises offers a variety of services to benefit our clients. We know that credit education combined with credit restoration is the key to lifelong wealth. In today’s market your credit score has become an extremely important factor in judging your integrity, character, and fiscal responsibility.

Employers, lenders, home and auto insurers, utility companies, landlords, and government agencies all audit and inquire about your credit before extending jobs, new homes or apartments, insurances, and money.

Consumers can no longer afford to “ignore” their credit. In today’s culture it is important to establish and maintain favorable credit to have complete access to everything in your life.

We have created 3 simple plans for clients at every stage of their life.


Starter Plan

$99Monthly + $299 Audit Fee
*Lower interest rates on loans
*Apartment approvals
* Establish credit
*Lower insurance rates
*Access to better job opportunities
*Various purchases such as a home, car, etc.
*Credit Cards
The starter plan will give you access to our expert staff members who will work to assist you in your credit progress. This plan will quickly and easily put you on the pathway to financial stability and other benefits of improved credit.

Platinum Plan

$139Monthly + $799 Audit Fee
*Build a Strong Credit Foundation
*Approval for Significant Credit Card Limits
*One on One Credit Coaching
*Approval for Line of Credit
*Personal Credit Management
*Budget Analysis
*Credit Transformation
The Platinum Plan not only comes with our expert team of advisors, we offer coaching, strategy, and a personalized credit improvement plan to align with your financial goals.