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VIP Coaching Overview / VIP Coaching Overview

This plan is for those members who wants to position themselves for the following:


Full Access – Video Lesson Library

One on One Credit & Entrepreneurship Coaching

Monthly Video Web Conferences



Business Start Up Guidance

How to videos

Business Registration

Start-Up Strategies


Affordable Outsourcing Techniques


Multiple Income Strategies



Business Start-Up Strategies



Self-Development – Personal


Time Management

Short Term/Long Term Planning

Skill Development

Goal Development



Business Development



Project Management/Business Planning

Cost Savings

Negotiations, Networking, and Partnerships



$3999 & $250/mo

Get Started With VIP Coaching!

*The initial credit consultation is free. This determines your needs and your suitability for this particular program. At GATT Enterprises the credit repair is also free. The full consultation is next, and after completion, the cost of $3999 is charged. The full meeting includes a forensic audit of your three bureau credit report, training on how to negotiate with your creditors, access to healthy trade lines, and proprietary credit education at your pace. The monthly fee is $250 for this service and is billed in arrears, meaning the month in which you enter the program will not be debited from your account until the next month. Cancel anytime, understanding that one more charge will occur after cancellation for the previous month’s work. “Results may vary.”