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GATT Enterprises is one of the nation’s leading entrepreneur coaching and wealth building companies.

We have helped thousands of clients restore and rebuild their credit portfolios while building entrepreneurs.

Ever wanted to start a business but didn’t know where to start? Or didn’t have the funds available. Or maybe you needed someone to walk you through step by step in the process. With GATT this is our main focus. Just like a builder builds a home and lays the foundation first, your credit serves as the foundation of wealth building in your life. Our objective is to focus on building a strong credit foundation first that can be developed and constructed into growing your very own successful operating business.

We provide educational knowledge, tools, and training on the right types of credit to include credit cards, lines of credit, and installment accounts. We assist our clients in designing strategic plans to leverage credit and position themselves for greater opportunities in entrepreneurship, business, and investments.

GATT is unique in our approach that we don’t just increase credit scores, we focus on the entire credit foundation while developing entrepreneurs.


What Clients Have To Say About GATT

  • When I first signed up, I was a little skeptical and was thinking that maybe this was just going to be another credit scam. They’d take my money and I would not see results. I’ve been a client since January 2013 and after 3 months my credit score went from the low 400 to the mid 500. I am now blessed to be apart of the 700 club in less than a year.

    Michael Pope

  • GATT has completely changed my life. I have NEVER been this financially secure in my life EVER. It’s all due to the power of credit! Having a great credit score! Before GATT, I was robbing Peter to pay Paul every other day, up to my ears with payday and title loan payments that I couldn’t even afford. I followed the steps exactly the way I was told to do and once I completed the debt validation program, my credit jumped from the low to mid 500’s to my highest score being 803 and I’m now currently in the credit rebuilding stage...

    Lashia Webster-Graves

  • I would like to say THANK YOU to Maurice and his staff for the exceptional customer service, compassion, and understanding, and just being readily available to assist with answering whatever questions that may arise no matter what time of day or night. Through their service I have now achieved what I thought to have been as long term goals, which in reality where short terms goals.

    LaTonjia Gipson

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